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Precision machining services|CNC Vertical Machining

Precision Machining

In addition to sand casting lines, WKM is also a precision machining supplier. We strategically acquires and operates small- to mid-size industrial equipment, serving as OEMs and tier-1 suppliers in the following markets: Automotive, Construction, Green Power, and Agriculture, Hydraulics, Aerospace etc..

Our CNC lathe and milling machines have vertical and horizontal capabilities, facilitating the development and production of a wide variety of complex precision-machined parts. Some of our milling machines with two pallet shuttle systems, parts can be machined on one pallet while loading parts on the other pallet, thus reducing production time. In addition, the machines are outfitted with 4 and 4.5-axis rotary tables and dedicated fixtures, this results in a significant reduction in variation in production runs, improved quality, and reduced costs. Our in-house CNC milling equipment can handle parts up to 31 inches in cube. We are specilized in supply of precision machined products,like Flywheel Housing, Manifold, Wind Turbine Brake,Differential Case, Shaft, Yoke, etc..

WKM Main Precision Machining FacilitiesSet
1 Vertical / Horizontal CNC Machining Center 26
2 Vertical / Horizontal CNC Lathe 14
3 Water Jet deburring machine 1
4 Ultrasonic Cleaner 1
5 Painting Line ( Integrated service for Customers ) 1

Precision ferrite machining|exhaust manifold system for automotive industry

WKM specializes in braking, chassis, steering and exhaust manifold system for automotive industry.We introduce unique process control skills to produce assorted cast iron materials with critical specification. For example, we are now very familiar with high-temperature resistant ductile iron (Hi Si-Mo) for diesel engine of heavy-duty trucks and the ductile iron we produce meets the specification of SAE J2582 Grade 2. In additional to the Hi Si-Mo, WKM also be able to produce Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI), which significantly improves both the strength and wear resistance of ductile iron. ADI is a proven cost-effective alternative to cast and forged steel and offers lots of advantages. Cast stainless steels and silicon-molybdenum ductile irons offer the best potential to meet manifold's general requirements, e.g. corrosion resistance, low thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion coefficient, high temperature fatigue strength, high temperature creep resistance, antioxidation properties and high temperature yield strength. Our materials expertise and capability to produce a multitude of materials, ranging from Ductile Iron to Ferritic and Austenic cast iron, is a significant strength to our customers.

Green sand castings and Ductile cast iron in Construction Machinery

Green sand castings with precision machining are widely used in construction machinery such as hoists, excavators, earth scrapers under severe conditions. Ductile cast iron is a bargain material for parts of high ensile Strength, high anti-vibration ability, high shear & pressure resistance. It is widely applied on the suspension, chassis and hydraulic mechanical System.

Agriculture cast iron parts|precision machining components

The agricultural surroundings are always as bad as battle fields. The corrosion due to chemical characteristic of soil and the extreme height difference of the land all produce serious impact on the machineries. Moreover, the high torsion requirement because of the unique operating mode also influences the material option of the parts severely. Low cost, high anti-vibration ability, rigidity and high fatigue strength make cast iron a perfect choice to build a heavy-duty agricultural machinery.

Main Equipments for Quality Assurance (Taiwan)Set
1 CE Meter 2
2 Optical Spectrum Analyzer 1
3 Sand Testing Device 1
4 Sandcore Analyzer for gas emit ratio & melting point 1
5 Metallurgical Microscope 2
6 Ultrasonic Tester for NDT & Nodularity (Olympus) 1
7 Brinell Hardness Tester (HB) 2
8 Rockwell Hardness Tester (HRC) 1
9 Universal Testing Machine 1
10 CMM Coordinate Measuring Machine 3
(1*Zeiss, Germany, 1*Global, USA, 1*Mitutoyo, Japan )
11 Profile Projector
12 Surface Roughness Measurement (Hommel, Germany) 1
13 Cleanness Tester 1
14 Surface Profilometer 1