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Iron Casting

Material Application

WKM’s foundry supplies quality castings available in all grades of Grey iron, Ductile (nodular) iron, High Si-Mo Ductile iron, Austempered Ductile Iron, Iron Casting Manufacturer, and some other customized specification bellow:
Normal standard of tensile strength but with higher elongation.
Better impact value at low-temperature.
Development of Low-temperature impact material for -20℃ is completed. New project is focusing on -40℃ and -60℃.
Annealed structure with high % of Ferrite.
High % of Nodularity.

Nodular graphite cast iron has a large elongation with ultimate tensile strength. Additional characteristics such as corrosion resistance and resistance to thermal shocks and abrasion resistance can be optional by further alloying treatment.
Nodular graphite is present in globular structure. This structure is decisive for the large elongation and the ultimate tensile strength of the material.

Hi Si-Mo cast iron, By increasing the silicon and molybdenum content of ductile cast iron, the heat resistance and strength at high temperatures is increased. The main application for Si-Mo is in automotive exhaust manifold and turbocharger systems, but it is suitable for any high temperature application where both strength and ductility are required. These cast irons are usually 10-15% pearlitic and contain intercellular molybdenum carbides.

Grey cast iron has a high wear resistance with good absorption characteristics in relation to mechanical vibration. Grey cast iron is easy to be machined and casted.
These characteristics grow grey cast iron to one of the most economical cast materials at all. Therefore grey cast iron belongs to the widely-used cast iron today.

ADI cast iron (Austempered Ductile Iron) with a bainitic structure, featured by a very favorable combination of tensile strength and elongation, has a very good abrasion resistance. On the basis of nodular cast iron, an isothermal treatment were applied, and a definite micro-structural transformation is reached. We are capable of producing ADI components for mining industry and some special application.

Equivalent Materials of Grey Iron and Ductile Iron LAMELLAR (GREY) CAST IRONS
Countries Standards Grades
EU EN 1561 GJL 200 GJL 250 GJL 300
Germany DIN 1691 GG-20 GG-25 GG-30
Japan JIS.G5501 FC200 FC250 FC300
USA ASTM A48 Class 25 Class 35 Class 40
USA SAE J431B G2500 G 3500 G4000
Countries Standards Grades
EU EN 1563 GJS 400/12 GJS 500/7 GJS 600/3
Germany DIN 1693 GGG-40 GGG-50 GGG-60
Japan JIGG5502 FCD400 FCD500 FCD600
USA ASTM A536 65-45-12 70-50-07 80-60-03
USA SAE J434B D4512 D5007 D6003
ASTM 897 (in-lb units)
125 80 10 150 100 07 175 125 04 200 155 01 230 185 00
ASTM 897M (SI units) 850 550 10 1050 700 07 1200 850 04 1400 1100 01 1600 1300 00
"Grade" 1 2 3 4 5
Min. Tensile Strength (ksi/MPa) 125 /850 150 /1050 175 /1200 200 /1400 230 /1600
Min. 0.2% Offset Yield Strength (ksi/MPa) 80 /550 100 /700 125 /850 155 /1100 185 /1300
Min. Elongation (% in 2 in/50mm gage) 10 7 4 1 n/a
Typical Brinell Hardness (BID mm) 302 (3.50) 340 (3.30) 387 (3.10) 418 (3.00) 460 (2.85)
Main Casting FacilitiesSet
1 Automatic Sand Preparation Line- Eirich of Germany 
2 DISAMatch 24/28 (Horizontal, 120molds/hr) 1
Flask size: 700×600×500 mm, 66 Kg
3 DISAMatic 2110 (Vertical, 180molds/hr) 1
Flask size: 500×400×300 mm, 19 Kg
4 High Frequency Induction Furnace -1.5ton 3
5 High Frequency Induction Furnace -0.75ton 3
6 Tumbling / Hanging types shot blasting machines 2
7 Automatic parting line grinder (Japan) 2
8 Magma Simulation Software 1